Get To know Me and Setting Goals For 2023



I am Isabella Horton, and I have finally taken the plunge to start my own blog. After months of contemplating whether to set one up or not… I am so happy that I finally have! I am currently writing this on Boxing day 2022 and I am going through the annual process of setting my goals for the following year (2023). Before we get started, I hope you have had the most magical Christmas and that you are as excited for the New Year as I am! 

Before we get into my 2023 goals I would like to share some photos for you to get to know me and my closest, a little better 🙂 

So here is my first (fur) baby, Bear:

I had Bear in 2016, she is now 4 coming 5 in June. Without diving in too deep, she is the most loving, cuddly and needy pup around. I am sure she will be a familiar face on this blog.

Here are the two most incredible ladies in my life, my mom and my older sister… Can you guess who is who? *I am in the middle. 

And here is my incredible boyfriend,

Again, without diving in too deep, we met as next door neighbours throughout the covid lockdown, and through all of our social distanced walks we eventually fell in love, and couldn’t keep away from each other. 2 years down the line we are still the exact same, if not even better. 

Now to get onto the real topic of this post… Over the next 3 months I will be putting myself through the most intense, yet rewarding phase of my life to date, and I am really looking forward to it! So I feel this is the most exciting time to begin documenting my progress and the changes that I will be making. I have recently begun a full time online coach where I am hoping to improve my health and fitness. As of the last month I haven’t been taking it as seriously as I would like to, so I feel setting my 2023 goals and documenting it will really help me get to where I would like to be, and hopefully provide the motivation for you reading this.

I will be registering for a 10k run around March/April time in 2023 (so I have around 3-4 months to train for this). To give a little back story, in 2021 in the covid lockdown, I decided to do couch to 5k, and after 2 ½ months I was able to run a 5k quite comfortably and by doing this I had lost 1 and ½ stone just in time for my 18th birthday. I felt so healthy and confident in myself. Since then I have gradually lost the motivation to exercise and began gaining weight again… relatively quickly. This is a mix of being on contraception for 4 years, being in a healthy relationship and just absolutely LOVING food and eating out! I am now feeling and seeing the consequences of this. Since the beginning of December 2022 I have taken on a new venture and that is having a full time online coach – this includes regular workouts, daily targets and calorie counting. I agree, December may have been the ‘worst’ time to start because of Christmas and feeling the most unmotivated that I have all year, but we have to start somewhere! And I am feeling so positive going into the New Year and I can’t wait to document my progress and share things that will work for me. Alongside that I will also be sharing my day-to-day life and any exciting things that I get up to. 

I am hoping to inspire and motivate people to get to the exact same place that I want to be, and that is just feeling comfortable and confident in their own body. Now, I am no exercise expert, hence why I myself have seeked help and advice, but I would love to share some of the tips that I pick up along the way. I will be sharing regular tips and updates, as well as nutrition advice. I will also be sharing a mix of other things such as fashion, beauty, reviews and dog mommy days out, so I would love it if you could stick around and come on this journey with me. 

My socials are connected to my page, I would really appreciate it if you could connect with me on there too!

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